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Benefit From Our Quality Truck Repair Services

Do you own a truck but it’s old and it’s not working the way it used to? Do you need to turn to a professional truck repair specialist to fix it? Just like every vehicle, the more you drive it, the greater the chances it will break. This is why it’s important to find the perfect repair shop that can fully satisfy your needs when it comes to maintaining your truck in good condition. If you are anywhere in Bellingham, WA, Davis Automotive is the one you should trust. We can provide you with the following services:

Engine RepairBrake Repair

Brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you own a truck, a sports car, or hybrid vehicle, you must be able to stop. Just like every other component, the more you use your brakes, the higher the chances are you will need a service. Especially when you own a heavy truck, you should never make any compromises in the condition of your brakes. This is why you can come to our repair shop and trust us with your truck.

Engine Repair

You hear noises coming from the engine of your truck? One of the things you should never do is trying to fix it on your own. You need proper equipment and tools – things that we have. Doing engine repairs on your own will only make things worse, which is why you should give us a call.

Transmission Repair

As you may already know, today, people are living busy lives and one of the things they don’t really do is taking their time and doing proper research on which repair shop is qualified enough to repair their faulty transmissions. At our shop, we do excellent work repairing every transmission box in the most professional way possible!

Oil Change

Depending on your truck, the type of oil it needs, and the way you drive it, the oil needs to be changed on a certain mileage. Turn to us for an oil change!

Battery Replacement

Having a dead battery or maybe the battery check light on your dashboard is on? Don’t worry, we will replace it with a new one and will prepare your vehicle for the road!

Pick up the phone and give Davis Automotive a call at (360) 733-4841 if you are anywhere in Bellingham, WA today!

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